Hello! I’m Dr. Elizabeth Saleh, but you can call me Liz.

I am an Osteopath with over a decade of experience and, since 2012 I have been a passionate Clinical Pilates Instructor. I’ve worked in private practice, taught group classes, and instructed one-on-one Clinical Pilates sessions. I’m an avid advocate for women’s health and believe that stronger women are empowered women.

My mission to improve women’s health and fitness started after the birth of my third child in 2017. After suffering from a uterine prolapse from all the high intensity training I was doing, I realised the pamphlet I was given at the hospital wouldn’t be enough to help me recover properly. 

I spent six months rehabbing my core and pelvic floor muscles using my own program and soon realised there was a gap in the market for women like me. The pelvic floor and core program I devised for myself has left me free of weaknesses; my issues are gone and my core is strong. The Pilates programs I share with you incorporate the exact exercises I developed to become stronger myself. My vision is to empower women to regain their confidence and really live life to its fullest.



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